Mutiny face finder

Mutiny face finder is a fast and robust image/image sequence face finder that can locate faces in different and even some difficult poses. As good or better than some of the best out there.


Mutiny face finder (v.0.03)

Best OpenCV haar-cascade face finder


Microsoft Cognitive API (



Mutiny Face detector V.0.06 Windows executable (First alpha needs CPU with AVX support Intel SandyBridge or higher, AMD Bulldozer or higher. Requires VS2015 redistributable (download here))

Mutiny Face detector V.0.06 Linux executable (First alpha needs CPU with SSE4 support. Compiled under RHEL6 needs LibPNG and libJPG installed)

Mutiny Facefinder 0.07 Android App (Propably requires at least Android Lollipop (5.0) or newer)