Mutiny Faceobfuscator
Mutiny Faceobfuscator as Windows 10 Universal App

What is it?

Mutiny Faceobfuscator is a little application that allows you to secure the facial content of your personal pictures. Especially useful if you value the privacy and security of yourself, members of your family, friends or even innocent bystanders that happen to be part in your personal photos. Mutiny Faceobfuscator allows one in a few simple steps to secure your pictures but at the same time making it still be possible to share them online with your friends and family.

For example Mutiny Faceobfuscator reversible machine unrecognizable obfuscation method has been tested against industry leading face detection and recognition algorithms and they all come up with no result. While Mutiny Facobfuscator itself uses Mutiny's unique Facedetector to find all the faces in your photos even hard to detect ones like very small faces or side portrait faces.

Mutiny Faceobfuscator currently contains following obfuscation methods:

Obfuscation method: Blur
Obfuscation method: Blur
Obfuscation method: Black bar
Obfuscation method: Black bar
Obfuscation method: Pixelate
Obfuscation method: Pixelate
Obfuscation method: machine unrecognizable reversible
Obfuscation method: machine unrecognisable reversible

The last method allows you to hide your face from state of the art face recognition software but you are still able to recover the content by simple use Mutiny Faceobfuscator deobfuscate method. You can share obfuscated images with your friends this way and they can recover the original content, but social media sides that host your content can not rendering your pictures useless to them.

Where to get?

Currently Mutiny Faceobfuscator is available as Windows 10 Universal App in the Windows store, get it today here:

Mutiny Facobfuscator in Microsoft Windows 10 store

An Android App version is planed for the near future!

Does it work?

Oh yes, check this post

Privacy Policy


Mutiny Faceobfuscator does not record, transmit, store or ask for any user credentials or personal data, including personal images. All operations in the app are executed locally as well as the final results of these operations are only stored locally on the user's device. No information is published or shared with any third parties. 

The app doesn’t violate the privacy of the user in any form.


For further questions, please contact support at supportThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.