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A deep learning based generative Sky/Cloud image generator

SkyDeep allows to generate an infinite number of realistic looking sky/cloud images that can be used as background plates or textures. To do this SkyDeep takes advantage of deep learning generative networks.

SkyDeep eliminates the need to search through generic stock image footage and texture websites to find the sky/cloud image you are looking for your project. Instead with SkyDeep you can simply generate your desired image or as many variations of it as you like. There simple is no limit. SkyDeep also has a major benefit compared to traditional cloud texture generator based on perlin noise and turbulence functions as these generator has been trained on real sky images and therefore can generate structures that noise or fractal functions can not easily reproduce.

Also SkyDeep can emulate a number of different artistic styles from different painters, pencil drawing styles, japanese anime or even 8bit sprites. You really do not have to go anywhere else once you have SkyDeep for your sky pictures.



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Additionally you can check here our gallery for some of the artistic style generated outputs


Currently SkyDeep is in an early alpha version there are still a lot of things that are scheduled before the final release, here is a list of things that are still to come:

  • ¬†Further improve quality of generative results. We are constantly working on improving the generative algorithm.
  • Allow attribute-based generation, like clear skies, sunsets, overcasts, night sky, moon, sunrays, etc
  • Increase output to 4k x 4k resolution at the moment we support upto 2k x 2k
  • Add panorama (360 spherical) output
  • Add even more stylized options
  • Generation of short sequences (cloud movements)