DutchPainters titel image

What is DutchPainters?

DutchPainters is the first end-user product of Mut1ny's #CreativitySingularity initiative. It is a by-product that arose out of one of our other undergoing projects. DutchPainters is an OpenFX plug-in that allows automatic style transfer of images and video sequences towards a number of Dutch famous master painters from different centuries. You wanted your work to just look like a master piece of Dutch fine art then this is your opportunity.


As of now following styles of dutch masters are included:


Hieronymus Bosch

Example of Hieronymus Bosch styleExample of Hieronymus Bosch style

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Example of Peter Bruegel the Elder syleExample of Peter Bruegel the Elder style

Frans Hals

Example of Frans Hals styleExample of Frans Hals style

Rembrandt van Rijn

Example of Rembrandt styleExample of Rembrandt style

Johannes Vermeer

Example of Rembrandt styleExample of Vermeer style

Jan Toorop

Example of Jan Toorop styleExample of Jan Toorop style

Vincent van Gogh

Example of Jan Toorop styleExample of Van Gogh style

Piet Mondrian

Example of Piet Mondrian styleExample of Piet Mondrian style

M.C. Escher

Example of M.C. Escher styleExample of M.C. Escher style

Willem de Kooning

Example of de Kooning styleExample of de Kooning style

Tested OpenFX host platforms (confirmed working)

  • Nuke 12
  • Natron 2.3
  • Da Vinci Resolve 16
  • VEGAS 16
  • Assimilate Scratch V9.1.1032

Tested OpenFX host platforms (confirmed not working yet)

  • SGO Mistika Boutique

How to get?

Currently DutchPainters OpenFX Plug-in is in free beta mode, use the form below to subscribe to the beta program