Face/Headsegmentation labeling tool

We are releasing a free public version of our facial/headsegmentation tool to allow to generate fully pixel-level segmented facial regions. You can use this tool to help increase our face/head segmentation dataset to gain access to it.

The tool comes in two flavours:

  • A version that requires CUDA/CUDNN installed. 
  • A version without CUDA/CUDNN installed. 

Both version come with a pre-trained but rather basic face segmentation neural network that usually can give a decent start point. Otherwise it comes with a variety of tools that are on the left hand side of the user interface. Have a look at this demonstration video to see it in action and understand how it works to label a face/head with the tool



Additional information

With the move up/down/left/right the current label image can be positioned in relation to the source image. 

With flatten/bake polys you bake the current label polygons into the label images be careful doing this as these label polygons will then disappear and can no longer be altered

Mouse wheel can be used to zoom in / out of the image at the current mouse cursor position very handy when tracing a particular edge


  • Windows
  • Linux (Maybe someday)
  • MacOS X (Sorry probably never)