Faceprocessor V2


Faceprocessor can help your image/video editing software to reach next level!

If you want to modernize and extend your software, service or MobileApp and you deal with lots of facial image content, then Mut1ny's Face processor might be something you should consider. Mut1ny's face processor is a deep learning based facial/upper body image based processing pipeline using Mut1ny's unique expertise, unique assembled training data and constantly evolving and updated deep neural networks for smart facial image processing.

What can Mut1ny's Face processor do?

General Face Segmentation

Hair Segmentation

Facial Ambient Occlusion Estimation

Facial Depth Estimation

Facial Surface Normal Estimation

What deployment platform does Mut1ny's Faceprocessor modules support?

At this moment we support delivery in the following Deep Neural Network formats:

ONNX logoPyTorch Logo


If you need advice or help in choosing a platform or potentially even a deployment framework, don't hesitate to ask us we are happy to provide suggestions, guidance and even code examples if necessary. Need even more help than there is the option to hire us for doing additional integration work.


Network type One-off license payment Monthly subscription*
Hair segmentation network €79,- (excl. VAT) €15,- (excl. VAT)
Ambient occlusion estimation network €79,- (excl. VAT)  €15,- (excl. VAT)
Depth estimation network €79,- (excl. VAT) €15,- (excl. VAT)
Surface normal estimation network €79,- (excl. VAT) €15,- (excl. VAT) 
General face segmentation network €129,- (excl. VAT) €29,- (excl. VAT)
All networks together €249,- (excl. VAT) €49,- (excl. VAT)

(*) Minimum monthly subscription period is 6 months

One-off license payment means you pay once but do not receive any further updates after the purchase. Monthly subscriptions means you will receive an updated version of the network each month for your whole subscription period.

All these licenses are side-wide licenses so you can use them by as many users or as many products you like and they can be used for any type of purposes. VAT rate of your country of origin is applied where applicable inside EU countries. 

You need a special solution or have some special needs, please get in contact with us as we have some solutions that are not (yet) part of the Faceprocessor family.


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