What is Mutiny?

Mut1ny is a software development and consultant company offering services in the area of:

  • Image /  Video processing 
  • Computer graphics / Digital Content creation
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithm for image & video processing
  • Plug-in development for Autodesk 3dstudio Max, Autodesk Maya, OpenFX

Among working on our own dedicated products / developments (use the links in the navigation bar) Mutiny is also looking for assignments varying from short-term studies and technology evaluations to full-blown development projects and even joint ventures.

The consultant, Dr. Joachim Diepstraten, has extensive hands-on-experience in the above-mentioned areas, especially in Computer graphics, DDC, image & video processing. He has worked for many years in the creative industry as a full-time software developer on large-scale commercial systems. He is most fluent in modern C++, but is of course available to write software in other languages as well. For more information on Joachim Diepstraten, see his LinkedIn profile.

Mut1ny is currently based in The Hague, Netherlands


Why the name Mutiny?

Mutiny because we want to do things differently. Mutiny's goal is to break out of the norm, question the existing work flows in the creative industry and trying to bring efficiency and create efficient tools for people. Stop the time-wasting and the highly repetitive work.  

At the same time we want to leverage those same tools to bring them to the consumer world, provide tools for consumers to protect themselves against invasion into their privacy and their data, stop them from becoming involuntary a workforce for big IT companies. 

If you have any question on any of our services or are looking for someone to help you in your project you can contact us at:

   nVidia Inception member