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What is TalentTracker?

TalentTracker is a free OpenFX-Plugin that allows you to detect and track all your talent in a sequence. It is a minimum interaction plug-in you simply activate/deactivate a few options and then press do it. By using Deep Neural Networks, talents are automatically detected on the screen and followed along the sequence. Talents that leave or enter the screen during the sequence will automatically be picked up, too. This means there is no need to manually mark or position a track marker on a talent.

Currently supported talent/regions are:

More options will be added in the future and they can be simply added by dropping the Deep Neural Network model into the resource folder of the Plug-in.

Tested OpenFX host platforms (confirmed working)

The plug-in has been tested on following host applications and been confirmed to be working. 

  • Nuke 13
  • Natron 2.3
  • Da Vinci Resolve / Fusion 17 (does not work in the Resolve ColorTab at the moment)
  • Assimilate Scratch V9.3

Some UI/UX feature might behave slightly different due to different support or interpretation of the OpenFX specification on the host platform.

If you have tried the plug-in on a host that is not listed above please let us know if it works or not and we will add it either to the list or a negative list.


  • Simple to use tracks all talent as long as they are not too far away or heavily occluded
  • Track Face/Head or Full body (requires the corresponding models)
  • Export track data as one-point or corner pin to Nuke
  • Export track data as corner pin to After Effects
  • Export track data as one-point track to Assimilate Scratch
  • Export track data in our own simple JSON or XML format
  • Inspect/Import our JSON/XML track data with companion plugin-in (source code will be made public)

How to get?

Just fill out the form below and you will receive download links to Linux and Windows version of the Plug-in